【中央大学パシフィックオフィス開所式】イースト・ウエストセンター R.ブライアン・ツジムラ理事長(英語・日本語訳)


Board Chair R. Brian Tsujimura, East-West Center

On behalf of the Board of Governors for the East-West Center I would like to thank you, President Fukuhara and Chancellor Apple, for bringing all of us together so we could enjoy this moment today. 

For the students, the East West Center is a charitable organization here in the United States. Our mission is to build and promote relations among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific, through cooperative programs in study, training, and research. Our Board, selected by the secretary of state and the governor, include international members.

Currently on the Board from Japan is Takeshi Niinami, President and CEO of Lawson Incorporated. We have had other Board members from Japan in the past, including Masaru Ibuka, former Chief Technological Advisor for Sony Corporation, Yotaro Kobayashi, former Chairman and CEO of Fuji Xerox Company Limited, Grand Tea Master Dr. Genshitsu Sen the fifteenth, and Tadashi Yamamoto, former President of the Japan Center for International Exchange. We hope that there will be many future Board members from Japan.

I am a graduate of University of Hawai’i at Manoa, and I am a Japanese-American. I am a third generation descendant of an immigrant family. I can say that I bear the DNA of Japanese and American, as well as Hawai’ian, all at the same time. For the students who are here from Japan, I hope that in your studies and experiences here in Hawai’i, you are able to understand the melting pot of relationships.

Today, as we see turmoil in Europe, Ukraine, Crimea, and often in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and East Asia, peace may seem like a very long way away. However, I would like to point out that underneath everything, despite our many differences in culture and politics, we are all human beings and share the ability to respect each other to bring about peace.

Here, at the East-West Center, we are focused on world peace and committed to bring people together to make peace. It would be my message to the students to remember your experiences in Hawai’i and the ability to understand ways to bring peace.

Thank you again, President and Chancellor, for this opportunity, and a big welcome to all of you.