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  • 【中央大学パシフィックオフィス開所式】ハワイ大学マノア校 アジア太平洋研究学部 R.アンダーソン・サットン学部長挨拶(英語・日本語訳)


【中央大学パシフィックオフィス開所式】ハワイ大学マノア校 アジア太平洋研究学部 R.アンダーソン・サットン学部長挨拶(英語・日本語訳)


Dean R. Anderson Sutton, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

I am very pleased to see so many people gathered here today.
Much of what I had prepared to say today has already been spoken more eloquently by President Fukuhara. 

In detailing these specific ways in which our two universities are already collaborating, one of the things that needs to be stressed is the speed and efficiency with which this has happened.
Since I arrived here in August, I have learned many memorandums of understanding and agreements that remain simply signed pieces of paper.  But with Chuo University and University of Hawai’i, we are really doing things and I think that makes it exciting.

Here in the middle of the Pacific, this is the first time that I have gathered with so many high level officials from a university in Japan and they are all wearing aloha shirts. Congratulations on that.

To the students who are here from Chuo University, I hope that your taste of Hawai’i and the four or five week program you are involved with will not be enough, and that you will go back to Chuo, maybe complete your degree, maybe come back here for graduate work, or tell your friends and fellow students about all the things we have to offer here.

We hope that this will be a mutual getting to know each other, respecting the wonderful things that both of the universities do. We hope that we will see many more students and faculty exchanges in the future with Chuo University.

Thank you.