【中央大学・タマサート大学コラボレーションセンター (中央大学タイ・オフィス)開所式】レセプション














Narong Jaiharn法学部長(タマサート大学) 英文挨拶

Distinguished guests,
Rector of Chuo University,
Thammasat and Chuo colleagues
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for being part of the Opening Ceremony of the Chuo - Thammasat Collaboration Center.

It is such an honour to have this center located in our faculty building. This represents the long-standing cooperative relations between the two institutions, especially between the two faculties of law, as a number of our academic staff have been able to pursue their studies and research at Chuo Graduate School of Law.

After lunch, there will be the first launching event of this center, which includes students’ presentations and a panel discussion on issues of global education by our distinguished speakers. I would like to recommend all of you to join this exciting afternoon session.

For now, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please allow me to take this opportunity to make a toast in Japanese style “Kampai”!
Thank you very much.
Reception Welcome Speech by Dean, Faculty of Law
Associate Professor Narong Jaiharn
21st March 2015